Friday, February 20, 2009


Let's hope no one really read my blogs.  I mean, I'm one out of a billion, probably.  I can't even find myself using google! hahaha  It's fun to play with, I write for myself and one other friend if he reads, and it's really buried under a massive mountain of human junk.  All blogs are junk.  Blog all you want - nothing will change.  If you are serious about it, physically go out there and do something about it!  On to my topics of the month, something that disgusts me do deeply that I want to retch.
I call it evil.  Blatant, in-your-face corruption enforced by all-powerful VVIP.  I rate this 3rd.  After Zimbabwe (sp?) and Burma.  Well, no First for me here, so I better shut up or risk jail.  
On to water - did you know that they pay you to use water?  A colleague, who had to run 3 full separate indoor pools' worth of water has $0 water bill, and another one, she has a credit of 4 credit!  Because the state they live in is deem "poor" so they pay the "poor" 20 ringgit a month for water.  Me, living in the district KL, I pay around 23 ringgit a month.  I wash 2 loads a week, we flush after about 3-4 deposits, and showers are about 2 minutes long for me.  
Aah, it's called ranting.  No wonder I'm so incoherent.  Well, I'm off.  Feel better now.  Just that no one is really thinking about the future, or even the next generation.  They who will bear the cost of our follies.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hyperbole and Routine

No, he's not really ObaMessiah.  While his speeches are "stunning," "breathtaking," and all, let's not forget his speech writer.  Give credit where it's due.  I'm getting really really annoyed with all the praises and accolades for someone who hasn't done anything yet.  While I understand passion for an ideal, he is ultimately a man.  An individual whom I feel really sorry for.  He'll be crucified.

On to other things.

We've settled on Langkawi again for spring break.  Though spf 30 is sworn as the miracle of all times, I really need my dose of sun.  Working 9 hrs indoors, under fluorescent, in an air-con room 5 days a week probably has already wreaked havoc on my immune system.  I've become so paranoid that I constantly wash my hands, won't let any students near my computer, and Wipes my keyboard everytime I feel it may have been touched.  Three years ago when I got fever and flu 7 times in 10 months made me anal.  I admit it.

Speaking of anal, I think my son is more so than me.  If his Papa does a thing a little out of routine, or is just a little bit careless about being clean, he gets mad.  I admit, I must have passed that to him.  He might as well just marry a japanese woman and live in a bubble.  *sigh* 

As for food...he'll eat anything white.  White bread, white rice with a bit of salt, plain spaghetti with a bit of butter and salt.  Roast, salad, chicken in sauce, salmon in teriyaki, pizza with topping, hamburger, olives, mushrooms, spices...verboten.  How will he survive Malaysia Week in 2 years' time?

To my coffee now... Arnaud is in bed, wrapped like a mummy, reading The Asian Wall Street.  And I refuse to celebrate Valentine's.  I already know he loves and adores me.  AND... our 10th is coming up and we have commissioned a huge present already :)  2 carat ruby surrounded by 12 .085 diamonds.  Maybe I want another stay at the Fullerton this summer, if we aren't going to France.  I hate imposing ourselves on Tante Nicole.  

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lyn's anni party

I haven't been in here since my workshop - a lifetime ago it seems!  In the end, I don't have anything much to write about.  Not that nothing of importance happened, but they don't seem to worth my time.  Since this is basically for me, I am hoping that in 10 years' time, I will still remember things of significance and not rely on blogs.
However, last night was fun.  Today is CNY reunion dinner, Jan 25, 2009.  Yesterday we were invited to Lyn and Rob L 20th anniversary celebration at Vansh.  Wonderful Indian fusion food.  Arnaud tells me, quite correctly and very lovingly, that I shouldn't live in a cave, but I have had my mandatory 8 years of "party, self-inflicting harm years."  Now, with work, my home life is my sanctuary.  And I'm not good in public at all.  Though of course, I forgot the miracle of wine which loosens my tongue.  And thus, I had a wonderful night laughing, talking, and making connections to all and sundry. They booked the whole restaurant and filled it up, though 20 couples can't make it.  I rubbed shoulders with people from mostly the higher echelon.  But people were just happy for them, happy to celebrate, and happy to enjoy the festive atmosphere.  

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My 40th birthday

And I am so practical that I can't think of anything I would like, even if my husband asks me.  Usually he loves to surprise me, but last year, we noticed that I don't need anything.  This year, it's ridiculous.  So we may just end up with a dinner or two, and a trip to the Fullerton Hotel.  I loved it so much the last time that I wouldn't mind luxuriating there for my birthday.  Well, at least this is an idea!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fullerton - Singapore

Two weekends ago, my husband had a conference at the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore. I went along since it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I have family business in Singapore, being half Singaporean. Suffice it to say it was out of this world. Only complaint would be a weekend-package family who brought water guns into the smallish pool, yelling and shooting. In Singapore, I discovered they sell La Roche-Posay, and after five minutes, was parted with around 60 sing$ for Redermic. No regrets! Not bad at all! My wrinkles are lessening in appearance, not as deep, eye area not as dry. She gave me samples of Hydraphase which created smooth, silky skin.
Back to Fullerton: it is a business 5-star hotel. We were lucky with the Courtyard room, it being big for all 3 of us. The service is impeccable, almost too much that I felt a little paranoid as if my privacy was invaded. I leave the room and 10 minutes when I came back, the wet towel was replace, the floor was dry. I suspect they spy on each guest leaving the rooms :) As mentioned, the only real complaint would be perhaps a pool boy with stronger authority and presence who would step in when necessary.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

High Maintenance

So I've been accused by a colleague that I am high maintenance. Understand though, that he is the really open, friendly, type who didn't really think before he spoke, and when he realized too late what he said, he apologized profusely and said that was not what he MEANT. This same colleague this morning mentioned I'm motherly. Now, 3 weeks ago during Parent Conference, I was superficial, materialistic, but really he meant I dress well and am proud of my appearance, and suddenly today I'm frumpy, dowdy, and caring. Caring was what he MEANT. Since I'm both, I'm going to be superficial and talk about eye cream. Since hitting 39, I was in despair. For two years, I noticed bags, black eye circles, and puffiness. For two years, I've tried several eye cream, from RoC to Origins to my mother's Lauder, the "miraculous" brown-colored one. Finally, after extensive research, I've decided to splurge and went for Perricone's smelly chemical with DHEA and other deadly ingredients. After 4 weeks, there IS an improvement. I now need just a small dab of undereye concealer (M.A.C in honey) and I don't seem to be carrying a handbag under my eye anymore. The blackness is faded to a small area of gray. My wrinkles improved a bit only, but I'm already happy with the darkness. The pouches are reduced, and two frozen, pre-wet cotton pads left overnight and pressed against my eyes in the morning bring it down even more. Do all expensive things work? No. But there might be some truth to some of the pricier options somehow.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Time Waster

Wow, blogging really is a fun, technologically smart way to waste time.  There really are so many things I can do.  Just playing with widgets can take the whole day: finding the perfect few, for example.  When will I ever find time for deep thoughts?  My new resolution - deep pontification only on my professional blog at ctanarnaud, and fun, superficial stuff here.